Rank Server Solution

Upgrading your operational hardware with high-end quality rack-servers customized to serve your high-performance work stations. Designed to fit your needs, budget and time constraints, with Server Racks and cabinets, Wall Mounts, Cooling Solutions, Rack Accessories and Power, to save physical space, includes installation and maintenance services

Blade Server Solution

With easier, quicker and unparalleled cooling technology, our blade-server solutions optimize your data centers potential without compromising power to meet your processing demands. Using a modular infrastructure fabric, it speeds up overall operations, running of applications, search engines, cloud-computing, including physical and virtually running processes.

UNIX Servers

As an essential element to working with your OS’s client-server programming yet processing heaps of data robustly on for your company’s operational network, we assure the market’s top UNIX servers complete with installing and perfecting your OS, for the speediest possible operational working environments.


With the growing 21st century needs to be able to store the smallest bytes of data to the largest, ITFAQ helps in enhancing your system for optimal data storage, file system classifications, including reports of storage improvements, space taking components and implementation ideas for better operational capacity

Data Center Solutions


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