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Flame Computer Company L.L.C is a Premier Audio Visual Systems Integration provider specializing in the design, installation and support of multimedia presentation technology, video and audio conferencing systems, and customized communication products.

Flame Computer Company L.L.C offers a range of presentation and interactive communication meeting solutions. Our systems focus on the needs of each customer including high-definition projection technology, video conferencing and tele-presence for remote participation and distance learning. We also provide digital signage and advanced messaging systems for dynamic address and multimedia streaming, as well as content management including video recording and archival.

Our team is dedicated to working with each client to assess immediate goals and challenges and to understand important considerations for future business needs. We are experts in the latest audio and video communication technologies and focus our efforts in providing a comprehensive team of designers, project managers, and field technicians equipped with leading manufacturer and industries.

Our Approach & Benefits

By providing an extensive portfolio of products, services and solutions designed to simplify the project life cycle, Flame Computer Company L.L.C's Audio Visual Integrated Systems  concentrates on customized offerings in the commercial, educational, healthcare, and government environments.

We approach each opportunity with a commitment to gain a detailed understanding of the challenges and obstacles faced in a particular environment. We conduct a personalized needs assessment to better define and specify the range of possible solutions for each customer. Our goal is to provide the best possible solution within a given budget that not only meets but exceed our customer expectations.

We offer comprehensive expertise in not only Audio Visual systems and integration, but also in network and IP configuration related to video conferencing and IP enabled components. We have the resources to respond to larger opportunities across a national footprint while providing the more personalized service of a smaller business

Board and Conference Rooms

Flame Computer Company L.L.C provides the most up-to-date in Audio Visual Communications and Integrated Systems including Boardroom and Conference Rooms. We work with the highly respected manufacturers in the industry providing top quality products and systems for media presentation solutions. From high-resolution LCD to DLP ceiling-mounted projector to table-flush microphones for audio conferencing, we work closely with you from concept to completion to meet your most challenging requirements.

Our solutions include:

  • High-Resolution Monitor and Projection Displays
  • Integrated Professional Audio conferencing
  • Multimedia Content and Delivery
  • Table/Lectern-Mounted Connectivity Modules
  • Video teleconferencing and Tele presence
  • Customized Touch panel User Controls
  • Environmental Lighting, Window and Audio systems
  • Design Build and Service Agreements

Through our detailed on-site needs analysis study, we strive to understand your vision and provide an initial design concept and preliminary equipment specification to ensure your satisfaction and understanding throughout the process. Upon final design, our team of engineers, project managers and field technicians integrate efforts throughout the project life cycle to meet your schedule and budget.

Go Green with Teleconferencing

Video conferencing is one of the most effective ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by eliminating unnecessary travel. With tele presence and videoconferencing, all companies can reduce their environmental impacts and advance business goals with:

  • Telecommuting - Enables employees to work from home and remain fully engaged in the workplace with a face-to-face connection. Saves on real estate and operational costs, while increasing productivity and employee morale by saving valuable commuting time.
  • Access to Remote Experts - Connects customers and employees to experts and advisors over video regardless of location, saving time, money and carbon emissions, and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Global Meetings - Whether meeting with the board or your global team, a short walk down the hall or a quick call from the desk enables face-to-face meetings and eliminates the for travel.
  • Customer Briefing Centers - Video unites purchasers, clients, sales staff and engineers in real time to facilitate instant decision making and collaboration—without the need for travel.
  • Work/Life Balance - Employees who are always on the road often report more stress, less productivity and reduced job satisfaction. Video reduces or eliminates the need to travel, increasing morale, productivity, and collaboration.
  • Distance Learning - Schools and training facilities get an added lesson in conservation when they connect via video to remote institutions to enhance learning opportunities and save on costs.
  • R&D - Designers and researchers around the globe can hold video discussions about product design, carry out component modifications, and advance development timelines, without increasing their carbon footprint.
  • Team Building - Multiple offices locations need not mean isolated teams. Video allows remote teammates to see each other as often as if they were in the same office, building camaraderie without expensive travel.
  • HR Recruiting - Video-based screenings of out-of-town candidates cut costs and carbon emissions by eliminating travel and enabling hiring managers to read candidates' facial expressions and body language.
  • Real-time Collaboration - Organizations can deal with large amounts of rich data and collaborate in real-time from multiple locations with the visual and multimedia capabilities of video conferencing.


Digital Signage & Messaging System

Flame Computer Company L.L.C offers Digital Signage and Messaging solutions utilizing a comprehensive mix of content devices including POS appliances and enterprise media servers.

Dynamic Messaging and Content Delivery has become the preferred method for making a powerful impact as it enables sharing of ideas, corporate messages, and product and technology updates over an IP network. Flame Computer Company L.L.C's signage solutions offer the flexibility to create, schedule and update content through a range of manufacturer's server software delivered in bold, brilliant graphics on the latest in LCD, LED and projection displays.

Signage and messaging solutions have become increasingly for business of all sizes in numerous markets including education, healthcare, government and retail. Solutions can be tailored to drive corporate brands, provide security and emergency updates, highlight changing financial rates or provide way-finding information to staff and visitors throughout an organization.

Flame Computer Company L.L.C Systems works closely with each customer to understand their business message and develop the best solutions for timely and cost effective delivery. We provide a range of the latest manufacturer's technology to help our clients find the ultimate solution within just about any budget.