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Flame Computer Company L.L.C offer office telephone system range which includes IP Telephone systems, Hybrid Telephone systems, Digital Telephone systems and Analogue Systems which can be straightforward to set up, and provide flexibility and manageability which makes them the perfect telephone system solution for your business. The selection of IP PBX systems combines advantages from traditional telephone communications with IP technology, offering feature-rich functionality and also the capability to handle all your communication needs. Our business phone systems are compatible with several industry sectors, including education, healthcare, sales, factories and public administration.

The “IP” in IP telephone system describes Voice over IP, or getting your phone calls routed over the internet or your local network (LAN). IP Telephone Systems [ IP PBX ] giving many advanced features that traditional telephone system [PABX] cannot offer . Flame Computer Company L.L.C can unify your communication needs and thus provide greater productivity to your business. We provide Office telephone system that includes Avaya, Panasonic, D-Link, Grandstream, Cisco and much more.



Buy Avaya Telephone System from Flame Computer Company L.L.C and get nationwide support. Avaya is one of global leader’s supplying business telephone system to all small to large business. An Avaya business telephone systemfrom us can give you greater flexibility and improved, more robust communications for your business.




Office telephone systems  from Panasonic delivers the flexibility and manageability so critical to successful. Panasonichas a range of  IP telephone systems tailored to your business needs, focusing on ease of use and superb audio quality. Flame Computer Company L.L.C provides Panasonic offers with a wide range of office communication systems, from Analogue to IP.



Yeastaris a powerful all-in-one system that delivers enterprise-grade functionalities. It includes features for office telephone systems that is highly critical for everyday business. The power full  Asterisk engine provides the real stability you are looking in to a business telephone system.



Grandstream is a leading manufacturer of innovative IP voice/video telephony systems. Flame Computer Company L.L.C provide solutions based on Grandstream IP Voice , Video and conferencing. Contact us for Grandstream Telephone System and Grandstream IP Telephone System installation . Buy grandstream products today and enjoy the greatest telephony features .




World Leader in Networking Cisco brings Telephone Systems with many advantages over other phone system. Cisco phone systems are known for their enterprise feature sets, ease of use, and reliability. Cisco phone systems include Cisco Call Manager for the enterprise features. Easily improve your company’s communication with Cisco Telephone System..





D-Link is the global leader in connectivity for small, medium and large enterprise. D-Link’s Office IP Telephone Systems is SIP based solution, addressing the VoIP communication requirements of small to large business across UAE. Dlink IP Telephone systems are cost effective and feature rich compared to other vendors in VOIP Industry.


Remote Virtual Offices-A Virtual Office Solution

Extend your reach by connecting branch offices and remote workers to your main office. Flame Computer Company L.L.C allow you to enjoy the benefits of remote office worker, Remote office connectivity and mobile client without any Licenses.

Are you working out of the office?

Flame Computer Company L.L.C offer an ideal solution for virtual offices because you can work remote through a corporate network infrastructure. This means you can benefit from the “transparent” operation of many features (transfers, Caller ID, etc.), centralized messaging, and centralized administration to enhance information sharing and collaboration, increase company-wide productivity and lower costs. Linking your remote offices on one phone system with centralized administration and shared messaging.




Yealink provides one-stop Communication Terminal products for businesses of all sizes. Its wide product range satisfies diverse customer needs and usage scenarios.

D-Link VOIP phones. These VoIP phones represent the complete DLink offering in the SIP phone market. Dlink IP Phones integrate remote employees with inbuilt VPN service.



Compact design, HD voice,  SIP IP Phone from Panasonic. Improve productivity & user friendliness  with feature-rich SIP phones that are easy to deploy and operate with high voice quality.


Move from Analog to Cost-Effective IP Phones. Replace your existing analog and digital phone deployments with  quality, feature rich IP communication endpoints from Cisco.

 Polycom enterprise-grade telephones are easy to use. With phones available for the small businesses to largest, Polycom Phones should be your choice for Sip IP Phone.


MOCET phones combine elegant design with key features to ensure that your business communication needs are met. Amazing HD audio and video quality phones.


RTX Wireless System  is a complete turnkey solution offering a scalability not seen before in this segment. This allows the system to grow from 1 to 200 phones in one network



Super powerful ,easy to use & Feature Rich

  • Multiple Phone Options
  • Remote Office Worker
  • Redundancy
  • Lync Integration
  • GSM Support
  • Call Recording
  • CDR [Call Detail Records]
  • Conference
  • Video Call
  • Call Back
  • Define Office Time
  • CTI Client
  • Call Parking
  • SIP Trunking
  • Call Queue
  • Mobile App
  • Computer App
  • Voice Mail