CEO Message

With the goal of becoming a top-class  trading company specializing in IT and Security Solution, we are in the process of undertaking the expansion of our range of cutting-edge technology products on both the domestic and overseas fronts in the fields of Information Technology and Security System Solution environment geared to the provision of systems designed to achieve both the highest level of added value and the strengthening of our engineering skills.

Changes in the socioeconomic environment are accelerating at an ever- faster pace  giving rise to changes in business models and market structures. In line with our corporate statement "Looking for the New- next," 

 it is our aim to provide our customers with the best in cutting-edge solutions-through ongoing innovative and advanced business activities.

In addition, through a process of steady advances in the reinforcement of our corporate foundation, financial standing and application of risk  management, we are making every effort to realize our corporate  social responsibilities (CSR)and promote a growth strategy based on fundamental management policy called "growth with profit" and to further heighten the value  of FLAME in terms of its existence on the market. Finally, we look forward to your continued support and understanding of FLAME COMPUTER LLC.